Have a Go Opportunities

UCB offers ‘Have a Go’ opportunities aimed at groups of Year 10 and 11 students.

Our ‘Have a Go’ sessions offer you and a group of students an exciting opportunity to learn more about our subject areas, experience UCB life on campus and be inspired to think about careers and further study in these sectors.

These sessions give your students a hands-on experience of the area from our team. All of the sessions are free of charge and take place at UCB on various dates throughout the year from October to June. 

UCB offers a range of vocational areas for student to ‘Have a Go’ at:   


Are you looking for an opportunity for your aspiring entrepreneurs and tycoons to showcase their skills and talents? If yes then look no further than the UCB Business ‘Have a Go’ sessions.

With support from UCB staff, students will be immersed in an intense enterprising session where they will devise an elevator pitch for either an existing or new business idea. They will be split into small teams and will have the opportunity to take on roles such as finance manager, project manager and marketing officer. At the end of the session, students will pitch their business ideas resulting in one team being crowned overall school winner.

Travel & Tourism

Careers in travel and tourism are exciting and can take people all over the world. Students can get to grips with the roles of travel agents whilst learning about visitor attractions and travel events and entertainment. The opportunity to ‘Have a Go’ enables students to apply their skills in an industry-style environment and discover their ideal career. Sessions last two to three hours and are available alternate Thursdays. 

Hairdressing, Beauty Therapy & Theatrical Make-up

Students can try their skills and practice some techniques in the hair, beauty and make-up industry. On this ‘Have a Go’ your students will work in one of UCB’s training salons and experience a session, similar to what you can expect on a practical session on our college courses. Working on hair blocks to create plaiting and twisting hair styles, learning correct manicure techniques and creating gruesome gory media make-up looks. Ultimately they can discover their passion and learn how to turn that into an exciting career. Sessions last two to three hours and are available alternate Fridays. 

Health & Social Care and Early Years

For an insight into the rewarding careers of working with children or supporting the wider community, this session is ideal. Students will benefit from hands-on sessions within Early Years; experiencing a variety of learning and play activities as well as establishing an understanding of the principles of infant care. Within our Health Hub, students will experience the full range of settings they are likely to encounter in Health & Social Care practice in addition to participating in activities such as blood pressure monitoring.  Sessions last two to three hours and are available alternate Fridays. 


In the current sporting climate, the difference between winning and losing can be as little as 1000th of a second meaning training and fitness testing can be the deciding factor. Using practical activities such as using treadmills and exercise bikes, press up and sit up tests your students will understand how exercise impacts different areas of the body and how these can affect their sporting performance. They will use health screening equipment such as heart rate monitors, blood pressure machines, peak flow meters and sit & reach boxes to monitor the results of their exercise. This will be followed by an interactive session analysing the students’ results and how different aspects can be improved to increase performance. Sessions last two hours and are available once-a-week on Mondays from January – April during the 2019 spring term. 

Chef, Bakery, Food Service & Hospitality

Our Chef, Hospitality, Bakery and Food Technology ‘Have a Go’ session allows your students to experience a range of activities that will give them a taste of the culinary and food service industries. Students will be able to cook delicious dishes, mix mocktails or floater coffees, decorate bakes and master skills in dough moulding.  They will tour our award-winning restaurants, our industry-standard kitchens and bakeries and see inside our Food Science and Innovation Suite. Sessions last for five hours and are available once-a-week on a Tuesday.  

Availability and booking

To check availability and book a session, please get in contact with the Schools Liaison team via email, specifying the ‘Have a Go’ sessions you would like to book. We will be in touch with a booking form and more information. Please include, in the subject line, your school name and the ‘Have a Go’ sessions you would like to book on to.  

Rebecca Brown, Schools Liaison Officer, 0121 232 4184, r.brown@ucb.ac.uk

Bethan Ford, Schools Liaison Officer, 0121 232 4331, b.ford@ucb.ac.uk