New College Students

Welcome to UCB

Welcome to all new college students who are joining us in January 2019.

The information below will help you prepare for enrolment and the start of your course. 


If you have been offered a place at UCB, you will be sent an online registration email from December. You are asked to register online before your official enrolment date so that all your personal information is accurate and up-to-date before you attend, and that you have had time to read any terms and conditions or policies and privacy statements. This will mean that the actual enrolment day will run smoothly.

Enrolment will take place for Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools Level 2 Colebourne on the 14th January.

How will I know when to attend? 

We will send you an email and a text message to confirm the date and time of your enrolment, you will also receive a welcome pack in the post, which will contain all of your course-specific information.

Induction for new students

At induction, you’ll join your group and receive your timetable before teaching starts. As well as getting your course information and timetable, it’s also a great time to make new friends, find your way around and just get used to college life for more information about your induction please contact Jane Smith (Early Years Assessor).  

Frequently asked questions

What do I need to bring to enrolment?
What happens at enrolment?
Why do I need an ID card?
What if I can't attend enrolment?
What if I've changed my mind and don't want to enrol at UCB?
How do I gain support for my disability or learning need once I have enrolled?
How do I gain support with my health and wellbeing once I have enrolled?
Enrolment Questions?

Term dates for 2018-2019

Spring Term: 7 January - 12 April 2019 (Activity Week 18 - 22 February 2019)

Summer Term: 29 April - 28 June 2019 (Activity Week 28 May - 31 May 2019) 


New students will receive their timetables during induction week.