Study support at UCB helped me overcome dyslexia

February 2016

A former student with dyslexia has paid tribute to the library assistant who helped him to make the grade.

Tyrone Fowles, now regional organiser for Unite in the West Midlands, was reunited with Bernadette Carter to thank her for helping him throughout his studies.

Tyrone, 23, joined UCB when he was 16 to take a BTEC national diploma in Travel and Tourism. He then progressed to study a degree in Events Management and said Bernadette helped him overcome his mild dyslexia and get the most out of his times at UCB.

“I gave Bernadette trouble for five years,” jokes Tyrone. “I was a thorn in her side.”

Tyrone went through school without being diagnosed. When he joined UCB, he discussed his symptoms with a friend who happened to be dyslexic and suggested Tyrone might have the same condition.

Tyrone was given advice about making adaptions to his study methods and time management. “I needed more time to reflect and for proof-reading. The discipline was to get my copy down on paper and then edited it rather than second guessing what I should write,” says Tyrone.

He used the study support service provided by the University to help with his work strategies and Bernadette gave him additional encouragement and tips.

Tyrone says: “If you have dyslexia, don’t be afraid to get support. I think back to school when I used to struggle. I could not understand why I couldn’t get on with a task. I am just so happy my dyslexia was discovered at UCB. With Bernadette’s help and support, I wanted to progress.

“If you have dyslexia, don’t be afraid to get support. There are people like Bernadette out there. You will make mistakes, everyone does, but don’t get in a mental frenzy. That is not what university is about.”

Bernadette encouraged students to come forward and seek help. “If you need support, we will be your champion,” she says.