International Student Progression Scholarship

In each academic year:

Up to 150 £1000 reduction in tuition fees of a BA Honours or Masters programme

You will be automatically considered for this scholarship.

Selection Criteria and Eligibility

UCB is keen to encourage international students to progress to the highest level of study within their capability and to promote this the University Corporation has made available up to 150 scholarships of £1000 each which will be automatically deducted from the tuition fees of the programme to which the student is progressing. These scholarships are offered to any student who has successfully completed a specified programme of higher education at UCB (see below) and is progressing within 3 semesters to a higher level of study at UCB, e.g. Foundation Degree to BA Honours final stage or BA Honours to Masters. Progression Scholarships are not available for students progressing from a Year 0 or International Foundation Diploma programme.

International Student Progression Scholarships will be allocated to international students who are newly enrolled on any BA Hons, BSc Hons, MA or MSc programmes who have successfully completed any FdA, FdSc, BA Hons, or BSc Hons programme at UCB and are progressing within three semesters of completion of the prior programme.

The award of an International Student Progression Scholarship is subject to any necessary visa clearance by the UK immigration authorities. An offer of an International Student Scholarship will be made to eligible students and this offer may be used as evidence to the UK authorities of certain costs being met. However if a visa is not permitted the Scholarship will be withdrawn and there is no automatic reconsideration at any future point.

Application Procedure

No application is required. Eligible students will automatically be identified and the scholarship applied to their new programme tuition fee.