Mentoring for College Students

What is mentoring?

Mentoring is when someone with more knowledge in an area helps a less experienced person. It is a learning partnership.

Mentoring is about helping people to make their own informed decisions and it has big benefits for both parties. At University College Birmingham, mentors don’t teach or tell learners what to do. Trust is essential – and the partnership can be great fun, too.

UCB is involved in a number of different mentoring initiatives including one specifically for college students on our further education courses.

How a mentor can help you

Our student mentors are here to help you achieve your potential and make important decisions about your future. This could include talking about:

  • School/college choices
  • University life, courses, finances and lots more
  • Job/career choices
  • Revision/study skills

Having a mentor will help you develop your knowledge in these areas and help you to develop your confidence and communication skills.

All our mentors are studying university courses at UCB and they have gone through similar decision-making processes to you. They know how you are feeling and they are here to help.

UCB mentoring initiatives

If you are interested in having a mentor, please take a look at the different initiatives we offer:

Are you a school student studying in the West Midlands area?
Are you studying a further education course at UCB?
Are you studying a higher education course at UCB?