Computer facilities

In addition to opening our new £44 million Moss House campus, and bringing together many of the University’s support services in The Link, we have continued to improve our IT provision by updating and adding new high specification computers and additional quiet study and self-study laptop areas across campus. 

Camden House

Monday – Thursday 8am-5:45pm
Fridays - 8am-4:45pm 

The popular, quiet study area previously situated within the library has now been expanded to a much larger and comfortable space with over 100 PCs, group study areas and dedicated booths for private laptop work. Along with full colour and black and white printing facilities, this is an ideal study area alongside the full support of the new Technology Hub, all under one roof at Camden House. 

Technology Hub at Camden House

Monday - Thursday 8am-6pm
Fridays - 8am-5pm

We are excited to announce that the IT Support Unit, DICE, Web Developers and AV teams have now joined forces and are all located in the ground floor of Camden House. By bringing the teams together, we are now able to provide an improved and more integrated service all in one central location. 

Students are welcome to drop in or call without an appointment for support, advice or feedback at any time.

Contact numbers

Please call 0121 604 1000, followed by the extension below:

  • All general enquiries and IT support - Ext. 2666
  • Canvas and E-Learning - Ext. 2437
  • AV support - Ext. 2244
  • Web development - Ext. 2607
  • Media and video - Ext. 2541
  • WIFI and internet access - Ext. 2661

The Link 

Monday – Friday 9am-11:45pm 
Saturday 9am-5pm and Sunday 12pm-5pm 

Over 150 brand new top-spec computers have been added to the lower ground Resource Centre and the extensive new library spanning floors 4, 5 and 6 of The Link. In addition, this area also includes study areas, workspace pods and personal laptop study spaces.This fantastic facility gives you the opportunity to work late into the night at times to suit you.

McIntyre House / Moss House

Monday – Friday 8am-9pm 

Offering computer facilities in ThinkSpace as well as in the Postgraduate Centre, McIntyre House also has laptop loan lockers with 200 PCs and laptops which are available from the ground floor of ThinkSpace, and ideal for study within the many breakout spaces and glazed study pods.

These complement the existing student computers in the following locations:

  • 80 laptops in the Traka lockers on the ground floor
  • 32 PCs in the ground floor Thinkspace
  • 40 dedicated PCs in the Postgraduate Centre
  • 45 PCs available in McIntyre House RM232