Wellbeing and Mentoring Scheme

Calling all HE students!

Want to be a part of a wider community at UCB?

Need extra support while at university?

Want to enhance your student experience?

Be a part of the Wellbeing and Mentoring scheme at UCB!

The Wellbeing and Mentoring team at UCB is here to support all students during their university life. Our aim is to improve communication between the students, academic staff and support services at UCB.

The team organises university-wide events, collaborating with other courses and schools to enhance the student experience for all HE students.

The HE mentoring scheme helps students develop their academic knowledge, skills and understanding. It aids career development, including advice on personal skills, image and profile. Enhancing personal growth and increasing confidence, the scheme teaches the skills required to help students take responsibility for themselves, their careers and their own development. Supporting students in coming to terms with a difficult or new situation, for example, induction integration into the organisation or a new role.

The Wellbeing and Mentoring team is here to raise aspirations, develop the community and support transition through one-to-one sessions and workshops.

Get in touch:

You can find the team in room 801 Summer Row or can contact via email mentoring@ucb.ac.uk