Kick-Start FAQs

The Kick-Start Scheme: Supporting Success at UCB

At UCB we aim to support our students to develop, achieve and reach their potential. The Kick-Start Scheme provides students targeted financial support to spend on educational resources and a range of products and services to compliment your studies and enhance your student experience.

For more information please read the FAQs below. 


Who is eligible for ‘The Kick-Start Scheme’ funds?
Am I considered a new student?
I have previously withdrawn from study, am I eligible?
What happens if I change my course?
How often will I receive funds?
I am repeating study – am I eligible?
I am on placement – am I eligible?
I am not in attendance because I am resitting – am I eligible?
I am topping up from an FdA/FdSc to a BA/BSc(Hons) course – am I eligible?
I meet the eligibility criteria but I have been given a fee discount – am I still eligible?
I am a student who started my full-time Undergraduate course prior to September 2018 – why am I not eligible?



How much do I get?
I’m on placement for half my course year – how much do I get?
When do I get my funds?
Is it a loan? Do I have to pay it back?
What happens to my credit if I don’t spend it?
How do I know how much I have remaining on my Kick-Start account?
Can I, or friends and family add funds to my Kick-Start account?
If I withdraw from the University do I need to pay back the Kick-Start funds I’ve spent?
If I defer from my course what happens to my Kick-Start account?
What happens if I have received an overpayment?
I think I’m entitled to the additional funds at the start of Semester 2 but I haven’t received them, what should I do?
How can I spend my funds?
Is there a limit as to how I can spend my funds?
How do I activate my Kick-Start account?


Account / card

I have lost my Kick-Start card, how do I get a new one?
I have forgotten my PIN, how do I reset it?
I have forgotten my Kick-Start account password, how do I reset it?
Can I return items purchased on the Kick-Start website?
The item I ordered on the Kick-Start website has arrived damaged / faulty / incorrectly supplied. What should I do?
An order hasn’t arrived, despite my Kick-Start account showing the order was dispatched more than 48 hours ago.

Getting your Kick-Start Account / Funds 

How do I get my Kick-Start Card?
I’ve got my Kick-Start card what happens next?
When do I get my funds?

Other queries 

If you have a query about your Kick-Start account that isn’t answered here please visit Student Services, Summer Row or email with your query. Our team will then either assist you with your enquiry about The Kick-Start Scheme or direct you to someone who can help.