Kick-Start FAQs

The Kick-Start Scheme: Supporting Success at UCB

At UCB we want to support our students to help them to achieve, develop and be successful during their time studying with us and beyond.  This is why we have developed ‘The Kick-Start Scheme’ run in conjunction with the John Smith Group. The scheme aims to kick-start your studies and future career by improving access to the tools and resources you need to support you in your studies. The Kick-Start Scheme will provide you with funds to purchase items that will benefit you in your learning and in this new chapter of your life as a UCB student.  For more information please read the FAQs below. 


Who is eligible for ‘The Kick-Start Scheme’ funds?
Am I considered a new student?
How often will I receive funds?
I am repeating study – am I eligible?
I am on placement – am I eligible?
I am not in attendance because I am resitting – am I eligible?
I am topping up from an FdA/FdSc to a BA/BSc(Hons) course – am I eligible?
I meet the eligibility criteria but I have been given a fee discount – am I still eligible?
I am a student who started my full-time Undergraduate course prior to September 2018 – why am I not eligible?


How much do I get?
I’m on placement for half my course year – how much do I get?
When do I get my funds?
Is it a loan? Do I have to pay it back?
What happens to my credit if I don’t spend it?
How do I know how much I have remaining on my Kick-Start account?
Can I, or friends and family add funds to my Kick-Start account?
If I withdraw from the University do I need to pay back the Kick-Start funds I’ve spent?
If I defer from my course what happens to my Kick-Start account?
What happens if I have received an overpayment?
I think I’m entitled to the additional funds at the start of Semester 2 but I haven’t received them, what should I do?
How can I spend my funds?
Is there a limit as to how I can spend my funds?
How do I activate my Kick-Start account

Account / card

I have lost my Kick-Start card, how do I get a new one?
I have forgotten my PIN, how do I reset it?
I have forgotten my Kick-Start account password, how do I reset it?
Can I return items purchased on the Kick-Start website?
The item I ordered on the Kick-Start website has arrived damaged / faulty / incorrectly supplied. What should I do?
An order hasn’t arrived, despite my Kick-Start account showing the order was dispatched more than 48 hours ago.

Getting your Kick-Start Account / Funds 

How do I get my Kick-Start Card – I will be starting my course in September?
How do I get my Kick-Start Card – I will be starting my course in January?
I’ve got my Kick-Start card what happens next?
When do I get my funds – I’m a September starter?
When do I get my funds – I’m a January starter?

Other queries 

If you have a query about your Kick-Start account that isn’t answered here please visit the First Floor Finance Office, Summer Row or email with your query.  Our team will then either assist you with your enquiry about The Kick-Start Scheme or direct you to someone who can help.