Hotel Quarantine Cost Support

We recognise that certain restrictions and conditions on travel to the UK, arising from the Covid-19 pandemic, are likely to remain in place for students joining us in September 2021.

In recognition of this, for students from red list countries who are required to quarantine in a hotel on arrival in the UK before commencing their course in September 2021, University College Birmingham will reimburse the costs of that quarantine, up to a maximum amount of £1,750, subject to students meeting each of the conditions and restrictions listed below.


Please note this will only be for this September 2021 and only for students coming to study for a minimum of one academic year.

Please be aware of the following:

  • This is for ‘new’ students to UCB and you must have met all the conditions of your offer by 1 September 2021 to be eligible for the refund  
  • You must have completed your online registration and online enrolment
  • You must have booked and paid for the Government Managed Quarantine Hotel package and attach the receipt.
    This must include your date of arrival and departure and the full name of the student.
  • You must have arrived in the UK and attach your entry date stamp
  • You must arrive by the start of term to start your programme on time
  • You must have a UK bank account in your own name


  • If you leave the UK during the academic year, you may require a further period of quarantine or testing when you return. The University will not be able to provide support for any additional periods of quarantine.
  • The University is not able to provide support for quarantine or testing for any dependents or family members who travel to the UK with you.
  • If the government guidance and requirements change, the University reserves the right to review this support package.
  • If Government requirements are changed so that students are no longer required by law to quarantine in a government designated hotel on arrival in the UK, this offer will no longer apply.
  • The refund is to reimburse the hotel quarantine costs only for students travelling from red list countries at the date and time of departure up to a maximum sum of £1,750.
  • The offer is not currently applicable to students starting their programmes in January 2022. The situation in relation to those students will be reviewed in accordance with Government guidelines in place at that time.

Frequently asked questions

What is a red list country?

A red list country is where there are significant concerns about the spread of COVID-19 and there are high restrictions on travel.

Countries can be added to the red list at short notice. You can see the latest information at red list countries.

Can I still travel to the UK from a red list country?

Yes, the current rules are if you are a British or Irish national, or have residency rights in the UK, you are permitted to travel. This means, if you have a Student Route or Tier 4 visa, you are permitted to travel.

What are the red list travel rules?

  • You must have a negative COVID19 test before travel
  • You must complete the Passenger Locator Form before travel
  • You must book and pay for a UK Government Approved – Managed Quarantine Hotel
  • You must take two COVID-19 tests in the UK on day 2 and day 8. The test package is included in the Managed Quarantine Hotel package.

As part of your travel plan, you must also

  • Review the official guidance of your home country relating to travel to the UK.
  • Review the official guidance of the UK Government for entering the UK.
  • Keep in contact with your travel agency.
  • Review your travel and health insurance.
  • Bring an international credit or debit card with you so you can shop online.

What is Managed Quarantine Hotel and what is the cost?

If you are travelling from, or passing through, a red list country you must book and pay for a UK Government Approved Managed Quarantine Hotel package (£1,750 for 1 adult).

You must book and pay for this before you travel. You can do this via the UK Government website. Please choose 'Proceed to Managed Quarantine Package.'

You will not be able to leave your accommodation for 10 days.

The Managed Quarantine Hotel Package price includes hotel, food, drinks, transfers from the airport, security and two COVID-19 tests.

You will not be able to travel without the Managed Quarantine Hotel booking.

You must include your booking reference on the Passenger Locator Form.

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