Madalena Ribeiro

Madalena Ribeiro

Hi everyone, my name is Madalena Ribeiro, I am from Portugal and I live in a village called Cascais that is nearby the beach, so when its summer it takes me 2 minutes to go to the beach. A strange fact about this, I am allergic to the sea.

I moved to Birmingham last year because since I remember I always told my parents that I wanted to study abroad for the university. Now I am in my second year of Marketing with Events Management, and thanks to UCB I am able to study what I am passionate about with people that have the same passion.

One of my favourite hobbies is to watch series and movies, especially superheroes that I didn’t know that I liked until my boyfriend introduced me to them. I also like shopping like every girl and obviously to travel, and I just have one continent left to visit, which is amazing.

Finally, my experience living alone in a different country has been amazing until now, I made a lot of friends from Portugal and from all over the world, but also I already had 2 jobs without any work experience from the past.

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