Ariana Astrid Chavez Gamarra

Ariana Astrid Chavez Gamarra

Hi, my name is Ariana, I’m 19 years old and currently in my second year (placement) studying Culinary Arts Management.

I’m from Peru, I lived 18 years in the capital, Lima. Where I discovered I enjoyed reading, cooking, learning about fine arts and riding my bike. If you were wondering, I speak Spanish although there are some other native languages that I would really like to learn, like the second most important, Quechua.

I decided to study at UCB because I found my course and discovered that the facilities are very complete. This would help me get to know all the perspectives, both theory and practice, and fully experience the student journey. Also, Birmingham looked very interesting. I mean, it is a city, but not too big or too small for me.

Lastly, 3 random facts about me: I love recycling, I enjoy doing puzzles and my favourite chef is my mum.

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