Help at Hand - Academic Teams

Key members of staff

The key members of staff you will have contact with are: your Personal Tutor, your Module Lecturers, your Subject Librarian, your Assistant Dean of School and the Dean of School.

On this page you will also find some details of other support that you may need during your time at UCB, such as The Student Services Unit and hired@UCB, which is the Careers and Employability Suite.

Personal Tutor

You should keep in contact with your Personal Tutor at all times throughout your course. Your Personal Tutor will give help and advice on any matters which may affect your work and progression, together with any initial personal advice.

You should use your time with your Personal Tutor to discuss your academic performance and what targets you should set to achieve. Your Personal Tutor will also be able to give you feedback on your assignment and exam performance.

On your timetable there is a tutorial hour where your Personal Tutor will be available. This is the time when you should see your Personal Tutor to discuss your academic progress, or any other general concerns that you may have.

Ensure that you find out and note the name and room number of your Personal Tutor.

Module Lecturers

Over your years of study you will receive lectures from many different staff. It is common for a module to be taught by a team of teachers, who together will deliver lectures and seminars and mark your work. Details of the lecturing team for a module can be found on Canvas @ UCB.

Assistant Dean of School

The Assistant Dean of School is the line manager of your Personal Tutor. They have responsibility for the management of your course.

You can see your Assistant Dean of School if your Personal Tutor is away, or if you have a problem relating to your course which you consider serious and would prefer to discuss with a member of staff at a higher level.

You should also speak to your Assistant Dean of School if you wish to apply for exemption from any of the modules on your course.

Dean of School

The Dean of School is the line manager of the Assistant Dean of School. They have overall responsibility for a range of Higher Education courses and report directly to the Pro-Vice–Chancellor (Curriculum and Student Experience).

If you have a problem relating to your course, which you have not been able to resolve satisfactorily with your Year Manager or Assistant Dean of School, you should discuss it with your Dean of School.

Notices about your course

You will find that information relating to your course is constantly being placed on Canvas @ UCB, which is UCB’s e-learning environment. Information can include times for tutorials, assignment information, guest lectures and residentials. You should check Canvas at least twice a week.

Details of when and where examinations take place and your results can also be found on Canvas.

Study Support

Support for the academic needs of students is available through the Centre for Academic Skills and English (CASE). For advice and assistance, call in to CASE on the Sixth Floor of The Link. Further details of their services can be found here.