Enterprise Hive

The Enterprise Hive is here to nurture and support our students who wish to setup their own business and to promote the entrepreneurial spirit throughout the university encouraging independence and innovation.

Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) employ more than half the UK workforce and some £16 billion is generated annually by cities with the best growth prospects for SMEs. Birmingham has been recognised as one of the top six locations for new business start-ups and UCB is at the forefront of promoting sustainable growth in the UK’s biggest city outside London.

Through the work of Enterprise Hive, the University is committed to supporting students who wish to set up their own businesses. An entrepreneurial spirit is promoted throughout the institution, encouraging independent thought, collaborative practice and innovation.

Students benefit from a variety of workshops delivered by experienced professionals in addition to tailored mentoring, networking opportunities and one-to-one support from the team in the Business School.

Book an appointment today to discuss your business idea and get the support you need to build it into the business you want. (email: enterprise@ucb.ac.uk)

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