GET enterprising

For many students at UCB, their future career pathway will mean becoming self-employed or managing a portfolio career where you mix together different jobs whether they are permanent part time positions or a series of short term contracts. Many students will dream of setting up their own business and being their own boss. And many dream of being a social entrepreneur by making a difference in their own community or impacting on communities near or far.

All of these students need to GET Enterprising so that they identify and develop skills such as:

  • creativity and innovation
  • confidence and energy
  • decisiveness and (calculated) risk-taking
  • communication and networking skills.

The Business School at UCB, working in partnership with other universities through the ERDF funded BSeen project provides practical help for students to develop entrepreneurial skills and put their enterprising ideas into practice.  

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They can help you to: 

  • nurture your business ideas
  • build the confidence to take the next steps
  • develop the skills needed to be enterprising 
  • get advice on accessing funding, premises or specialist support
  • find a business mentor to help you

The Enterprise Hive based in the hired@UCB suite on the 7th floor of Summer Row provides an invaluable resource for budding entrepreneurs, looking to build their new business, whilst networking with other students and developing the skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur.  

 Enterprise Hive

For more information on the Enterprise Hive, the BSeen project or the support for budding entrepreneurs that the Business School can provide, contact Nethan Punj, or Joe Margetts,, or visit the Enterprise Hive, Room 02, Hired, 7th floor, Summer Row.