Helping You to Study

Library Services

We will help you achieve your best’

When you are enrolled and ready to go, you will have a lot of questions; such as:

  • How do I achieve a good grade?
  • Where do I find out about my core module reading?
  • Where can I study quietly or in a group?
  • How and where can I access a laptop/computer?

The answers to these and many other questions can be found in the library.

We can help you by:

  • Providing expert staff to assist you with using and finding information and using resources
  • Showing you how to evaluate quality information for your assignments
  • Helping you to access your reading scheme which shows you all you need to know about your units, your assignments and your core reading
  • Providing study spaces and PCs to suit your study needs

Digital Library

Google can only show you so much! You have a much greater chance of achieving a better grade if you read reliable, academic information. The Library has print and online collections which encompass books, e-books, electronic journals, newspapers, multimedia and a range of other e-resources such as marketing reports. All online resources are available to you, 24/7 on and off campus.

Assignment Assistance

Our team of Subject Librarians who are qualified Library and Information professionals and subject specialists are available to provide you with support when you are researching your assignments. They deliver sessions in class and during tutorials giving you invaluable advice regarding fining information and to help you develop your information-searching skills. These skills will be vital during your studies and also when you are searching for jobs and begin working for an employer. Come and see us to find out more. Students can book appointments to see their Subject Librarian or they can visit them without an appointment as and when they require support. Students can also e-mail or telephone their Subject Librarian with subject specific enquiries.  

Comments from students:

“I appreciate all your help throughout my time at UCB, Many thanks.”

“…Really appreciated your support in my time of need. I would never have finished without your help.”

“Plenty of books and journals to use to complete my assignments. Staff are extremely supportive and help me find what I need”

“I am able to access a lot of resources which I would not have access to without the library. I am able to go into the library at any time of day to get work done. The library system is very supportive and easily accessible to everyone”

“All of the subject librarians have been absolutely excellent in supporting me with finding material regarding my topics”

“I just started using the library effectively for 3 months now and I can see the changes and impact it has made on my assignment (good mark). All the staff are friendly and helpful in finding my reading material. Thank you”

The Library Space

The library is a quiet study area where you can concentrate on your research and assignment work using individual study spaces close to the book collections.

The library is wifi enabled so you can work on your own laptop or mobile device and re-charge it, or use the laptop loan service (at the Summer Row library).

Where to find us

Our main Library for FE courses is on the Fourth Floor of Richmond House. We also have an HE library on the Ground Floor of Camden House East.

You will be introduced to the Library Service during your induction at University College Birmingham. You can also arrange a Library orientation tour with one of our library team at any time and they are always on hand to help with any aspect of our service.

Find out more

If you already study with us, you can explore our Library web pages and find out all you need to know about the Library by visiting the Portal.

Library Services can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

Centre for Academic Skills and English (CASE)

CASE is open to all students and is there to develop academic skills as well as improve students' coursework and examination outcomes. CASE offers four main services:

  • The ASC (Academic Skills Centre) is located in the Library on the 4th floor of Richmond House as well as the Ground Floor of Camden House East. One-to-one appointments are available and these can be made by contacting the ASC at or calling us on 0121 604 1000 ext 2569.
  • Grammarly Workshops – all students at UCB can create Premium Grammarly accounts. To further support students with their use of Grammarly, Grammarly Workshops are available in the ASC at Camden House East. Please contact us at or call us on 0121 604 1000 ext 2243 for further details.
  • CASE SENsitive – offering support and guidance for students with special learning needs. This may include information regarding funding or in-house assessments. Queries can be directed to
  • The possibility of in-class academic skills sessions on areas such as referencing – these are usually organised by your lecturer.
  • Access to the CASE Toolkit for FE. This high-quality online resource allows you to access academic skills information 24/7. Please accept the invitation for this to appear on your CANVAS dashboard.

The Resource Centre (Ground Floor Summer Row/Library in Richmond House)

Counter Service

This service is available from 9am: most essential items of stationery are for sale and a binding and laminating service is offered.

Assignment Hand-In and Collection Service

All assignments are handed in to the appropriate resource centre, either in Richmond House or Summer Row, by the time and date stated on the assignment frontispiece.

Richmond House assignments continue to be handed in using a manual system and students should obtain a receipt of submission. One copy of the completed receipt is attached to the assignment and the student keeps the second copy. The unit lecturer, as stated on the frontispiece, is responsible for the collection of the assignments from the Resource Centre. All assignments must be presented as per the instructions given in the assignment remit.  

Submission areas for FE Students:
SchoolAssignment hand-in centre
Hospitality, Tourism & Events


Summer Row
Resource Centre

College of Food


Sport and Creative Services


Richmond House Library
and Resource Centre 

Education and Community


Computers, Printing and Photocopying

There are PCs in the Resource Centres which students are able to book in advance using the “MyPC” tab on the student portal or on a drop-in basis, depending on availability. You are able to print, in colour if required, and photocopy using printing credits. At the start of the year, you are allocated free printing credits and more can be purchased from the counter at the Summer Row Resource Centre or the Library.

There are other wi-fi enabled areas in UCB with IT facilities and charging points:

  • Laptop loan service in the Summer Row 5th floor Library;
  • PCs in the 6th floor ThinkSpace;
  • PCs in the 9th floor Research Centre;
  • PCs in McIntyre House student social learning spaces.

Personal Employability Development Plan (My PED Plan @ UCB)

All Universities and Colleges have to provide students with support in analysing and recording what is being learned across the course as a whole and in planning how best to prepare for a career.

You will be focused on planning your professional and personal development because the course on which you are studying is designed to lead directly to employment and the course has been developed to give you evidence of skills that will be valued by employers. Your electronic ‘My PED Plan @ UCB’ is the medium for you to reflect on the ways in which you are learning and to document your developing Personal and Employability Learning skills.

It is clear what sorts of skills employers want when they employ graduates in our sector and all our courses have been designed to give you plenty of opportunity to rehearse and demonstrate these employability skills.

Employers are more interested in your skills and competencies than in your knowledge, since the workplace is constantly evolving and a successful worker knows how to continue to learn about current issues and trends.