Why take on an apprentice

Why you should take on an apprentice is two-fold.

To support the next generation and be supported in your individual business needs.

Apprentices can prove absolutely invaluable to a business, according to UK employers, from improving your bottom line to growing your talent, filling a skills gap and motivating colleagues.

Crucially, apprenticeship programmes are designed by employers, so are focused on relevant skills, knowledge and behaviours that can really benefit your business.

What employers say...  

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In a nutshell

  • Apprenticeships can improve staff motivation and business performance
  • Apprentices feeling valued = improved confidence, loyalty and productivity
  • Enhance your corporate image – customers, potential employees and stakeholders will recognise you invest in the training and development of existing staff and\or new recruits
  • Improve working conditions through apprentices’ good practice in health and safety set out by the Apprenticeship Framework
  • Apprenticeship qualifications are designed with the help of employers so include skills and knowledge an apprentice can use immediately for the benefit of your business

  • Lowers external recruitment costs – more cost effective than recruiting additional staff to cover a skills shortage
  • Government support, dependant on business size, current pay bill and age of apprentice 


UK businesses consider skills shortages and recruitment challenges a bigger threat to productivity and performance and apprenticeships can be a much more strategic approach to workforce development.

Gail Tipper, Head of UCB apprenticeships


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