What happens next?

If you have a vacancy and you’ve decided to employ an apprentice, the next steps are:

  1. Contact UCB’s central apprenticeships team – you will be assigned a personal apprenticeship adviser to ensure the whole process is as hassle-free as possible 

  2. UCB will work with you to promote your apprenticeship vacancy
  3. Potential candidates will be contacted and, where suitable, interview preparation offered by specialist UCB teams - applicant details will be forwarded to you for consideration  

  4. Agree programme with UCB and ensure suitable fund management 

  5. Sign a formal contract for services with UCB
  6. Sign an apprenticeship commitment statement with your apprentice – this provides details of what the employer has agreed to do for the apprentice, including:
  • how long the apprenticeship is for
  • the training you’ll give them
  • their working conditions
  • the qualifications or standards they are working towards
  • signatures of all parties including parents/guardians of under 18-year-olds 

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