Andreas Constantinou

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Andreas Constantinou studied both a BSc in Tourism Management and an MA in Tourism Destination Management at the University.

When he left UCB in 2009, Andreas returned home to Cyprus and got a job as a sales representative for an international telecommunication company. Travelling to Malta and Spain, he became a member of Cyprus Photography Association and secured a post with the Cyprus Tourism Organisation as a tourist officer.

Reflecting on his studies in Birmingham, he said: “I liked the fact that it was a student city and with various nationalities. It’s a vibrant city and with many activities.

“I particularly liked the live industry project because it was not just theory but also action. It was really helpful as we travelled to the destination and we saw first-hand the issues.”

Andreas fondly recalls trips to the student bar, going to the gym and participating on the trekking group. He also worked as a student ambassador.

“I remember the various people I met and became friends with, the guild parties and the teachers who helped me,” adds Andreas.