Supporting the Bocuse d'Or UK Academy

The University is proud to support the Bocuse d’Or UK Academy, providing funding and expertise to prepare young chefs for competing in the world’s most prestigious culinary championship. 

The Bocuse d’Or sees the very best chefs from all over the planet come together every two years in Lyon, France, for two days of intense competition and a huge celebration of the culinary arts. 

Likened by the CEO of the British Hospitality Association, Ufi Ibrahim, to the 2012 Olympics in its ability to showcase the UK’s fantastic hospitality and inspire the next generation, competing in the Bocuse d’Or is considered a pinnacle in a chef’s career. 

Team UK, whose president is Brian Turner CBE, has reached the final 15 times since the competition was launched by acclaimed French chef Paul Bocuse in 1987, but has never won. 

The Bocuse d’Or UK Academy, led by Andreas Antona - owner of Simpsons restaurant in Birmingham and The Cross at Kenilworth - was launched in October 2017 in a bid to change all this, better preparing future competitors to win Team UK a coveted place on the podium. 

As well as sponsorship, the academy lines up high profile chef ambassadors, including previous candidates, to share culinary ideas, spread awareness and provide support. 

“The Bocuse d’Or is not just a competition,” said Andreas. “It’s about sourcing and promoting fantastic produce, training young chefs to step into the shoes of our leading chefs in the years to come and raising the UK’s culinary profile around the world."  

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