February 2023

Rob Kivits - Head of Business School 

By Rob Kivits

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Rob Kivits

Head of Business School

With a background working in institutions and organisations around the world, Rob understands the importance of global knowledge and awareness for international business.

Having previously worked in a range of research and data analyst roles in Australia and Europe, Rob now brings his experience and expertise to his role as head of University College Birmingham Business School.

He explains how the University’s International Business Management MSc course provides valuable insight and skills for anyone pursuing a wide range of careers in global business, no matter what your previous academic or professional background.

“You can expect this course to help enable you to become knowledgeable in international business – regardless of the focus of your undergraduate degree – and equipped for a wide range of business and management careers in multinational organisations, management consultancies, government organisations or management education and training,” said Rob.

“You will have the opportunity to develop a strategic outlook in a global context and to further hone any existing business skills. Additionally, the course aims to develop your capabilities in strategic thinking, effective communication and research, all directly relevant to employers and of great value when seeking to further your career.

“Our graduates are likely to find employment positions within general human resources or management, specialist pay and reward, people development and employee relations roles.”

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