Steve Underhill

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Academic qualifications

MA Freelance Photography, BSc Engineering Product Design

Job Role & Responsibilities

Year manager for Level 5 - Specialist Hair and Media Make-up


0121 604 1000


Working in automotive design and development after leaving university, I found my passion for photography and, in particular, portraits. I opened a professional photography studio and ran that successfully for 10 years. I chose to go back to study my MA and this has led me to focus on fashion and editorial photography and the use of imagery in contemporary media.


Joining UCB initially on Protocol, I was first employed to develop the photography-related modules on the Specialist Hair and Media Make-up degree course. I am now module leader on the following modules:

  • Innovations within Make-up Artistry
  • Editorial Imagery
  • Professional Identity and Employability

I am also part of the teaching team on:

  • Critical Approach to Research Methods
  • Character Design
  • Final Major Project

Additional responsibilities include serving as Level 5 Year Manager.

Department of Creative Services

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