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I have been in the catering trade for over 30 years so I have a good understanding of the trade and what is required for people to achieve their ambitions. I have worked at many top hotels and restaurants working with high profile chefs. I have a true passion for my industry. I joined UCB in September 2011 teaching on the NVQ Level 1 course and over the years have taught on level 2 and level 3 developing my teaching skills. I have always been very passionate about my trade and from the feedback I get from students and fellow lecturers I think that I am reaching all targets that I set myself. I have mentored students in competitions at UCB with one in particular resulting in us winning the Tobasco chef of the year in which our prize was a trip to the USA to manufacture our winning sauce. I completed my teaching qualification in 2014.


I currently work on VRQ level 1, 2. I have also taught on Higher Education.

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I always keep myself updated with trends and practises within the trade by visiting restaurants and hotels and also reading books and journals from fellow professionals.

Birmingham College of Food

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