Gill Massey

Gill's Profile

Job title

Lecturer and Year Manager in FdA Business and Business Enterprise

Academic qualifications

Certificate in Education, PG Certificate in Marketing Management for Events, Hospitality & Tourism


0121 604 1000


After a career in computer business systems support, I came to UCB as a lecturer in 1998 to teach across a range of Information Technology programmes within the Education and Community areas. I have been involved in the development of Community and Business programmes providing enrichment for full and part-time students. I completed my Certificate in Education in 2003 and went on to study in Education and Training, completing Post Graduate Certificate in Marketing Management for Events, Hospitality & Tourism. I currently teach on Research and Business Plan related subjects and is Year Manager on Foundation Degree Business programmes providing pastoral guidance and support. I have additional responsibilities as a link tutor between UCB and partner institutions, who run Foundation Degree in Business and as Erasmus co-ordinator for the UCB Business School.

Department of Business, Marketing and Finance

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