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I originally studied Town and Country Planning but went to work in the family hotel business, a 50 bedroom historic hotel near Bath. A second historic hotel was purchased in Brecon and I was sent to oversee its improvement and manage it. During this time I studied for my Masters degree in hospitality and a Postgraduate Certificate in Education. After 20 years of working in hotels I left the hotel business and spent a year teaching in a Swiss hotel school. I joined University College Birmingham in 2004. I specialise in Service Operations Management. I have carried out research into how hotels efficiently manage variability in customer arrival and processing rates. In 2013 I was awarded a Doctorate in Business Administration.


Hospitality Operations Management, Hospitality Operations Development, Hospitality and Tourism Facilities Management, Postgraduate dissertation supervision.

Research interests and scholarly activity

The application of operations and service management principles to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of hotel operations.

Department of Hospitality and Tourism

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