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CertHE, CertFE, ENB Family planning Cert., DipHE

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Registered Midwife, Registered general nurse,


0121 604 1000


I was appointed as a lecturer on 3rd January 2008. Previous to this I have worked as a Registered Nurse, Midwife and also in the community as a Health Visitor. My current role has enabled me to support colleagues in the department, by advising them in the assessment process on BTEC qualifications, the programme expectations and requirements. Co-ordinating with others both internal and external groups and individuals, in ensuring that students needs and expectations are met as far as possible. Some of these groups/individuals include: Counsellors, Learning support staff, Sexual Health agencies. As part of the role I liaise with the Assistant Dean on suggested units and identified staff that may be best suited to deliver the units. Reporting to the Subject Board, on behalf of the Programme. Attendance at meetings held at other sites e.g. Birmingham City University (BCU) which is one of the local Universities that a number of the Health and Social Care students apply to for various health and social care courses. This enables the college and other colleges to discuss the needs of our students who will be progressing onto Higher Education to do so with as much information that will enable the transition from Further Education to Higher Education as smooth as possible. Also that staff will be able to offer accurate advice to students who which to pursue Health and Social Care routes.

As part of my role it includes along with other staff attendance at Open Days, organising students to attend on Aim higher Master Classes in identified Health and Social Care careers to attend at local universities. As part of the course development and curriculum, attendance at meetings as part of QCF changes to BTEC Programmes and also looking at new level 3 courses.

Completion of assessment schedules and identifying appropriate staff as part of the Internal Verification process, organising the units needed for the National Standard Sampling to be sent with the External Verifier and ensuring that the assessment process is completed as per Edexcel requirements.

External engagements

Alongside my work at UCB I was also working as a Sexual Health Advisor for young people at Brook in Birmingham. A charity which specialises in Sexual and Contraceptive Health for young people under 25. This has enabled me to update my vocational knowledge both by theory and practice. Meet current requirements for registration with Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC) and also this has been invaluable in my work here with our FE students.

Department of Social Care

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