Affi Agbodo

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Job title

Senior Curriculum Leader

Academic qualifications

MCMI, CPGEMaths Sup, BSc (Econ), M.B.E., Ingénieur Sup de Co.

Professional recognition / membership

Winner of University College Birmingham Great Teaching Award, 2018 Winner of University College Birmingham Great Teaching Award, 2017 Government Advisor in Economics matters Member of the Chartered Management Institute


0121 604 1000


I hold a Master’s in Business Engineering (M.B.E) from the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce, ESCA (Sup de Co.), and studied Business English at the University of Brighton.

Following my studies, I joined the World Bank as a consultant to the joint UN-World Bank National Program for the Ivory Coast before working as Head of Strategy for a consulting firm specialising in government advisory on entrepreneurship and investment matters.

I have led investments and international trade negotiations on behalf of governments and agencies. I consulted for various foreign companies on their strategic expansion into the African and French speaking markets.

Over the past five years, I was a visiting lecturer and guest speaker at various institutions in Africa and in the UK, including Aston University, Bristol University and University College Birmingham, covering a broad range of topics in business and economics at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

I joined the Business School in 2015 as a Lecturer of Business and Enterprise Management. As an SCL for Enterprise and Marketing, I lead the planning, design and delivery strategy of Enterprise and Marketing programmes across the Business School and develop the teaching and learning strategies.

I am fluent in English and French.


My teaching philosophy is to provide seamless integration of academic conceptual foundations and applied experiences. I intervene in most disciplines of Business including Entrepreneurship, Strategy, Risk management, Finance, Marketing, International Business and Leadership. I am passionate about teaching entrepreneurship not only to students on business programmes but also to students across the university. I am keen on working with a multidisciplinary team of lecturers to develop innovative programmes.

Research interests and scholarly activity

My ongoing research interests include Entrepreneurship and Strategy.

External engagements

I consult on entrepreneurship and growth strategy projects for various businesses and governmental agencies.

Other activities

Strategy Champion on the West Midland Regional Board Member of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

Students at UCB

Department of Business, Marketing and Finance

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