October 2015

UCB on the catwalk: students get creative at London Fashion Week

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UCB students were given the fantastic opportunity to take part in London Fashion Week preparing models’ make-up for Sebastian Professional and Seven Eighths in collaboration with Jera Inc Models. 

The innovative hair-care, cosmetic and modelling partnership was looking to run a show focused on students. They wanted to recruit the best and the brightest from emerging industry talent in hair, make-up and fashion to bring fresh and creative ideas to the runway. 

Specialist Hair and Media Make-up students snapped up the chance to work in Sebastian Professional’s glamorous studio to showcase their abilities alongside student fashion designers from other universities. 

The future make-up artists demonstrated their skills by working with the designers and taking inspiration from their mood boards to create makeup that complemented their creative visions. These ran from traditional and cultural fashion to technical design and futuristic couture. 

Their talent and flexibility produced a wide range of looks from classic catwalk to avant-garde as they prepped models for professional photo shoots and walks down the runway. 

The company was so impressed with the students’ creativity and professionalism that they are looking forward to working with the team in the on future events. 

"I want to commend the team for their professionalism whilst working on this project. Their attention to detail and relentless determination to release quality designs was perfectly executed within a tight deadline. I am very proud to have the opportunity to pass on my skills to students who wish to aspire to work with the best in the industry. The extra time and effort the team put in was certainly worthwhile. It is a joy for me to work with such dedicated and talented artists."

Iain Burton-Legge, Specialist Hair and Media Make-up lecturer at UCB

Sebastian Professional, Seven Eighths and Jera Inc Models aim to support, encourage and promote emerging creative talent through academic and industrial collaboration, using their shared resources, for the mutual benefit of all.

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