January 2017

Three job offers in one day for UCB's Evie

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Getting one job can be tough enough, so UCB student Evie Woodfield was overwhelmed to be offered three on the same day.

The 21-year-old from Droitwich believes she stood out from the crowd thanks to the practical, work-based skills she acquired during her Food and Consumer Management degree at UCB.

She opted to accept a job as a quality assurance technician at the food packaging company RPC Protect. She now carries out product testing for some of the best known supermarkets and for bakery giant Warburtons.  

Evie, who attended Droitwich Spa High School, said: “At all my interviews the companies seemed to like my training and were impressed by the amount of project and practical work I had been involved with. I was able to show leadership skills and demonstrate confidence when presenting – in my second year at UCB I presented to 50 members of the Women’s Institute!”

She added: “I don’t think I would have got the same level of support if I’d gone to a different university. UCB offers a more personalised service that enables students to develop in a realistic environment. I feel like UCB has set me up for a professional career.”

Rob Swinnock , Assistant Dean of the College of Food, congratulated Evie on her achievement. He said: “Evie steadily elevated her grade performance, raising her game from what looked like a 2:1 profile in year 2 to a 1st and achieving 80 per cent in her dissertation. This coupled with sound attendance and a ‘can do’ attitude are attributes which may have prompted the three employers to make the job offers. What a nice dilemma to have!”

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