October 2015

The sky's the limit for Aviation and Airport Management students

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Airport and Aviation Management students spent the day in London at Emirates Aviation Experience. 

The visit was a part of their Aviation Professional Practice module in which the students are asked to develop training packs for a selection of careers within the industry. Being able to experience first-hand the different elements that make up Emirates, one of the biggest airlines in the world, allows the students to see the full range of careers available within the sector. 

Students explored the centre, viewed aviation exhibits and learned about what happens to an aircraft whilst it’s on the ground. They also saw the range of inflight entertainment available and how the airline incorporates the latest technology into its services. A highlight of the day was having the opportunity to pilot Emirates’ flight simulator and discover what it’s like to captain an Airbus A380. 

"We view these kinds of industry tours as vital to our students learning and development. The visit was enjoyed by the whole group and will not only assist students with module assessments, but also provide them with experience that will help with their career planning. UCBs Airport and Aviation courses have a number of similar experiences embedded within them, including overseas residential visits, visits to industries and guest speakers, the most recent being a representative of the Royal Aeronautical Society."

Kathryn Bell, tourism lecturer at UCB

The centre utilises state-of-the-art technology, interactive displays and life-size aircraft models. The experience incorporates several different ‘zones’ that represent different areas of the industry.

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