October 2017

Sweet success for baker Katy

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Even though UCB student Katy Green struggled with GCSE English at school, the 17-year-old was still extremely disappointed to receive a Grade D in the subject. 

In fact, when she started her Level 3 Bakery course at UCB the following September, Katy was not looking forward to working towards her resit at all. 

However, with individual one-to-one support and constant encouragement from her UCB English tutor all the way, Katy ended up walking into the exam brimming with confidence. 

“While I did struggle with the subject at school, I was so fed up when I got my result,” she said. 

“My UCB English tutor, Deborah, however, was so supportive and always made time for us. If we needed help at any point, we could email, phone her or go and see her and she would do everything she could to mark our work and get back to us with feedback as soon as possible. 

“The way the GCSE revision was delivered also really helped. It wasn’t just focused on the exam. All the key reading, writing and speaking skills we needed were made applicable to real life scenarios and the world of work, which was very different to how it was taught at school.” 

The revision content suited Katy so much, in fact, that she went from feeling despondent about the prospect of the resit to thoroughly enjoying the subject, especially descriptive writing. 

Aiming for a Grade C, Katy was thrilled to achieve a Grade B on results day in the summer. 

“The whole experience was so different to that of school,” said Katy, who has just clinched a job at a bakery in Tamworth and hopes to run her own business one day. “The one-to-one support was especially useful and I now feel so much more confident in my English skills overall. 

“I would say this confidence has even made me look towards doing a bakery degree here at UCB, something I wouldn’t have thought I could do before. I had no idea I could go so far.”

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