November 2017

Students' special effects skills called on for anti-terrorism exercise

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Twenty Specialist Hair and Media Make-up students from UCB were called on to create ‘injuries’ for an anti-terrorism drill in central Birmingham this week.

The emergency services training exercise involved police in full tactical gear and paramedics in bullet-proof vests and helmets treating actors pretending to be victims.

Anna McBartlett, higher education Employability Tutor for UCB’s Specialist Hair and Media Make-up students, said the ‘live play’ exercise was designed to test the Bullring and Grand Central Station’s security plans, requiring the students to create realistic wounds.

“Having to produce special effects like this is a challenge, but one that really improves the students’ skills and confidence,” she said. “They all thoroughly enjoyed it and relished the chance to put what they are learning at UCB into practice for such a worthwhile exercise, co-ordinated by the West Midlands Counter Terrorism Unit.”

The 20 students were overseen by UCB Graduate Teaching Assistants Megan Tate and Olivia Tataryn.

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