February 2015

Regional success for Theatrical Make-Up

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A team of Level 3 Theatrical Make-Up students has won big at the regional trainee finals of AHT (Association of Hairdressers & Therapists) competition 2015. 

Lecturers supported 20 talented students as they prepared for the challenge by attending extra workshops at university in order to hone their skills and work towards competition briefs. 

The students were able to demonstrate their award-winning techniques and won big in the Make-up Categories.

 1940’s Classical Make-up

1st place – Heather Evans

2nd place – Belule Zerie

3rd place – Leeann Wells

 Face Painting (Anatomy and Physiology theme)

1st place – Chloe Hydon

2nd – Chelsea Stevens

The judges were impressed with the overall diversity and quality of the make-up standards demonstrated by UCB students.  The President of the AHT also gave praise to Hannah Wooding on her exceptional make-up in the Bridal category.  

The students worked exceptionally hard and produced outstanding work under pressure. Staff will be exceptionally busy with these successful students as they prepare for the Nationals.

Michelle Beddall, Theatrical Special Effects, Hair and Media Make-Up lecturer

The National competitions will be held on 15-16 March at Winter Gardens in Blackpool.

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