September 2015

Owlbert takes the Birmingham public under his wing

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Owlbert has been causing quite a hoot over the last few weeks from his perch outside of Birmingham Library. 

Since they flew the nest back in July, The Big Hoot owls have been delighting everyone with their painted plumage. UCB’s Owlbert is no exception, with his intricate design incorporating the wide range of career areas available to our students on completion of a qualification: catering, sports, hospitality, education, childcare, tourism, bakery, business, marketing, events, hairdressing, beauty, make-up and health. 

People have been flocking to Birmingham to bird-watch in the city’s streets, parks and open spaces where the owls are perched, even going on The Big Hoot’s official owl tour in order to squeeze in visits to all 89 feathered friends in one day. 

We have received plenty of photos on social media of people paying Owlbert a visit whilst out with their family and friends, on their way to and from work or popping in and out of the library. Owlbert’s a bit of a poser, so he’s been enjoying all the attention. 

Owlbert and his fellow owls will continue to roost around the city until Sunday 27th September when they will be sold off to collectors and businesses in an auction at the Thinktank, Birmingham’s science museum on Thursday 15th October with the proceeds going to Birmingham Children’s Hospital. 

For more information on The Big Hoot and where to find its parliament of painted owls, visit their website. If you see Owlbert outside the library (you can’t miss him), don’t forget to send us a tweet @UCBofficial or take a selfie with him with the hashtag #UCBsowlfie.

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