November 2015

Nicole is set for a culinary career back in Kenya

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Nicole Muchene is an MA Culinary Arts Management student from Kenya. After completing her postgraduate qualification early next year, she plans to take the culinary management skills she has learned at UCB and share her knowledge and passion with young students back at home. She also has aspirations of one day setting up her own business. 

“In my home country, Kenya, there are no universities that offer Culinary Arts Management above college level. I chose UCB because it sounded like a place where I could implement my skills and develop my level of experience in a way that my country couldn’t offer me. 

“There is no one thing I liked most about this course – I can honestly say I loved everything. I am thankful for the experience I have gained, the skills I have learned and for the opportunity to interact with a diverse range of students and lecturers. It’s been an enjoyable year for me. 

“I have already recommended UCB to someone back in Kenya. Because of how highly I spoke of UCB to them, they are now studying BA Culinary Arts Management here. If anyone was interested in studying Culinary Arts Management, I would encourage them to apply. 

“When I finish my degree, I’m going to return home to Kenya. I have been offered the opportunity to get involved with lecturing college students who are interested in culinary arts. I will be using my experience at UCB to inspire younger students and share my knowledge and skills. After a few years of teaching, my dream is to open up my own restaurant and use the management skills I developed at UCB to make it a success. 

“My advice to students considering taking this course is to focus and enjoy it. It is challenging at times, but everything you learn is useful. You just need to keep an open mind and be ready to learn as much as you can. As for career advice, I believe that if you have passion and work hard, then success will always follow.”

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