June 2015

Melanie's success at the Cross at Kenilworth

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NVQ Hospitality alumni Melanie Harris now works full-time at The Cross at Kenilworth, a Michelin star pub restaurant owned and run by award-winning chefs. 

“I work in the reservations, admin and marketing department,” said Melanie. “My role means that I have to be organised and communicate well with the front and back of house teams. I enjoy working closely with Adam Bennett, our Head Chef, and Giuseppe Longobardi, our Restaurant Manager. My boss is Andreas Antona, known as ‘The Godfather of Hospitality’, and he is a very inspirational man.” 

“My duties involve taking and booking all the reservations and events. It takes careful planning and concentration. Even so, I love the daily challenges and dealing with customer enquiries. The best part is that every day is different and I am constantly expanding my knowledge of the hospitality industry.” 

Melanie speaks highly of UCB’s Hospitality course and the university’s industry-standard facilities, and believes that the skills and advice she received helped her get to where she is now. 

“Training in UCB’s restaurants was brilliant. I enjoyed learning hands-on skills and communicating with customers. I bonded with everyone on my course and really felt like part of the team, having a laugh and working together. 

“The lecturers have a wealth of experience in the industry and make you feel extremely welcome and comfortable with your coursework. The work I did reflected the industry and was very fast-paced, which sadly made my time at the university fly by! 

“UCB helped me shine and gave me the passion and confidence to pursue my career in the hospitality industry. 

“If I had to give Hospitality students just one piece of advice, it would be to always do your very best – it will help you to get far in life. UCB is a great place to gain qualifications and kick-start your career in the hospitality industry. All my hard work has paid off and I have been offered many jobs, enabling me to choose the career path that best suits me.”

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