October 2015

Craig makes an impact at Perry Beeches II school

Read time: approx 1 mins

Lecturer Craig Pinkney held a workshop at Perry Beeches II school as part of Black History Month. 

Craig spoke to year 8 and 9 students on their selected theme for this year, which was all about celebrating the past, promoting the present and building for the future. 

Perry Beeches II headteacher Kevin Rogers was quoted as saying “This has been the best Black History celebrations ever.” 

After asking the students for feedback on the workshops, the school received a large amount of positive statements such as “I really enjoyed our lecture with Craig because he told us about his school life, and lots of us can relate to him. He made me think about the choices I have in life” and “The workshop with Craig was my favourite because it was engaging and helped encourage us to make the right decisions.” 

Beverlie Weston, Community & Partnership Co-ordinator at Perry Beeches II school, said: “Craig’s workshop covered all three topics of our Black History Month theme and gave us an insight into the ways we can build for our future. He has truly invested in our young people and, because of his workshop at this school, he has had an impact on 110 young lives.” 

“The school visit was part of the EUGangs project and raising awareness across Europe of gangs and youth crime is one of our objectives,” said Craig “This involves engaging with students in the educational community and encouraging positive attitudes and decision-making.” 

If any schools would like to contact Craig regarding guest lectures and workshops in schools, please email him at c.pinkney@ucb.ac.uk

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