November 2014

Classical cuisine mixed with a modern approach is a recipe for success

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The MA Culinary Arts Management programme targets those seeking to develop a professional career within the culinary environment of the hospitality industry.  

One of the components of this programme is the ‘Culinary Artistry & Classical Technique’ module, which combines advanced skills development with academic research. 

Chef Lecturer and Module Leader Bernhard Schumacher summarises: “This particular module aims to develop students’ understanding of classical craft techniques and their contemporary application within a variety of market opportunities. The students are challenged to explore the relationship between classical cuisine and modern kitchen management within the wider gastronomic landscape.” 

The culinary industry is international by nature, and this is reflected in the content and delivery of this programme. Whether you will be working within the UK or overseas, in a large company or a small enterprise, the MA Culinary Arts Management programme will provide you with culinary skills and academic knowledge to meet the modern-day challenges of managing culinary operations. 

For more information on what this course can offer you, please visit the UCB MA/PGDip Culinary Arts Management page. Alternatively, you can attend our Postgraduate Open Day on Wednesday 19th November. 

“There is a good balance of practical and theory in this course, and it gives you plenty of options to get exactly what you want out of the programme. I have learnt a great deal about working within culinary arts at a management level, including various competencies, business negotiations and cultural exchanges.”

Akshay Samudre MA Culinary Arts Management

“I would definitely recommend UCB for students wanting to do Culinary Arts Management. It is one of very few universities that offer this particular course at various stages of qualification, and they provide a great amount of practical experience to go with it.”

Pearl Lefadola MA Culinary Arts Management

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