December 2017

Call for students to nominate inspirational educators at UCB

Read time: approx 1 mins

Has a lecturer or academic support worker inspired you to push for a higher grade – or encouraged you to keep going when you doubted your ability?

Maybe there is someone with an unusual or engaging teaching style that illuminates the subject and brings out the best in you.

Now is the time to celebrate “the best of the best” at the UCB Spotlight on Great Teaching Awards.

This brand new scheme is designed to celebrate outstanding teaching and underlines UCB's commitment to learning excellence. Students are being invited to nominate lecturers and academic support workers who excel in the classroom, lecture theatre, vocational settings (i.e. clinic, salon, gym, kitchen etc) or tutorial room.

We want to hear about staff who are passionate, creative and insightful. These are the men and women who really make you want to learn – and keep on learning.

Voting takes place from now until March 2, 2018 and the winners, who will be in line for a cash prize, will be announced in May.

There is one vote per student. Please click on the link here to go to the online nomination form: Vote Here!

Judging will be completed by the UCB Teaching Awards Committee with representation from the Student Guild.

Remember: this is your chance to highlight the work of academic staff who have made a real difference in your learning journey.

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