July 2017

Brum students big on fashion – and volunteering, survey reveals

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Birmingham students not only spend more on fashion each month than their UK university counterparts, they also volunteer the second highest amount of hours, a new survey reveals. 

It may not come as a surprise that students attracted to the cosmopolitan ethos of the UK’s second largest city spend £9.70 more a month on looking the part than the national average. 

However, the Student Living Index 2017 also found that big-hearted students from Birmingham give up 4.3 hours more of their time to volunteer than the UK average.

Charlotte Gates, new president of UCB’s Guild of Students, said: “Many of our students take voluntary work placements every year at UCB, which we encourage to increase their employability and work skills. However, it’s great to hear students are also giving up their time to help charities and organisations who heavily rely on volunteers.  

“The Guild of Students offers support with volunteering for everyone studying at UCB. In fact, we offer many voluntary roles including the Buddy Scheme, which is a great opportunity to volunteer within the University itself. 

“As for spending the most on fashion, we are just a very cool city indeed. Our international students are particularly trendy and bang up-to-the-minute on the latest styles.” 

Students at Birmingham universities also spend the most on going out with friends, £33.40 a month, but below average on household bills, according to the survey. 

Find out more about UCB’s Guild of Students. For volunteering queries email Charlotte at C.Gates@ucb.ac.uk

Read the full Student Living Index 2017

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