September 2015

Alecia is on-track for success in the nursery industry

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Third year BA Childhood Studies student Alecia Parry is balancing a career in a nursery alongside full-time study. 

“During the summer I heard from a friend that Saplings Day Nursery in Birmingham was advertising for a Room Practitioner. I applied for the position and was invited to an interview where I had to talk about my experience within the industry. I spoke about my degree and also highlighted my past work in nurseries and working with children with special needs. After a second interview, they offered me the position. 

“As a Room Practitioner, it was my responsibility not only to work with the children in the nursery, but to make sure everything was put away, that the room was safe for children to play in and supervise developmental activities. After two weeks in this role, I was offered a promotion. 

“The Nursery Manager, Veron L’Ghoul, spoke to me about the possibility of becoming a Room Leader. She said I was “the right person for the job” and wanted to give me more responsibility. It was a fantastic opportunity, so I accepted the promotion. 

“As a Room Leader, my responsibilities have increased quite a bit. I now lead a room of 26 children and develop their activities, do mid-term planning, monitor individual children’s development and conduct detailed observations of their progress to relay back to their parents on a daily basis. I also manage nursery staff and oversee some of the finance and budget management. 

“Being in full-time employment whilst studying for a degree can be difficult, but I make sure that I manage my time well so I can do both to the best of my ability. What makes it easier is how much I enjoy both aspects and the support I get from both my manager and my lecturers. 

“Working with young children is my passion, and I want to continue working within a nursery environment and gain more experience that will allow me to pursue my future career goals. I aim to become a Nursery Manager and, one day, perhaps run my own nursery.”

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