Luanna Maraj-Budden

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Job title

CASE Lecturer

Academic qualifications

BA (Hons) Spanish & Linguistics, PGCE (PCE) and PG Dip Dyslexia Studies


0121 604 1000


On completing my undergraduate degree at the University of the West Indies, I decided to leave my native Trinidad to seek further development. I have always been interested in supporting individuals with achieving their goals and realising their potential. Before leaving, I had already established myself as a tutor, providing extra lessons for students studying Spanish. I worked alongside my own previous Spanish teacher, who invested and supported the development of my skills. I also worked for a few months in a nursing home, where I supported the elderly who suffered from Alzheimer’s.

On leaving Trinidad, I worked for a few months in the Catskill Mountains of upstate New York, where I supported individuals who had a range of physical, sensory and learning needs. Thereafter, I moved to Birmingham, England and spent my first 2 years supporting individuals with a range of learning needs before providing support for the residents of an RNID affiliated accommodation; most of whom suffered with mental health difficulties as well.

After providing residential support for about two years, my focus shifted back to the field of education, leading me to pursue work as an Academic Support Worker for Joseph Chamberlain College. There, I supported a number of students, all with differing needs (sensory impaired, dyslexic, ESOL, etc.). A year after this, 2 months before my 24th birthday, I started work at UCB as a lecturer for the Academic Skills Centres. Currently my focus lies on assessing and identifying support needs along with the development of strategies for supporting the identified needs. I hope to further develop my skills at assessing for access arrangements in the future.


Academic Skills Development for UCB F.E. and H.E learners

Research Interests and Scholarly activity

Neurodiversity and its impacts on teaching and learning; assessment and identification of neurodiverse conditions; assessments for access arrangements

External Engagements

Associate Member of the British Dyslexia Association
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