William Bowen

William Bowen

Bakery and Confectionery Technology FdSc

I started off on UCB’s Level 1 Food Industry Skills course and ended up graduating with a first class degree in Bakery and Patisserie Technology last year. I chose UCB because of its fantastic reputation within the culinary industry, as well as the fact it was where my mum studied Home Economics at the same age I was when I started.

The best part of my course was creating and developing artisan breads, but my background in science also means that I enjoy the scientific side, like learning about the uses of micro-ingredients and different enzymes in contemporary baking. UCB gave me countless opportunities to develop my skills and experience. I completed placements at Hobbs House Bakery, home of the Fabulous Baker Brothers, sat on a panel for the 2016 British Society of Bakers Conference, and visited the bakery supplier British Bakels on numerous occasions for my dissertation research, which led to me getting a job there as Bakery Centre Manager after I graduated. 

I competed in competitions held by the Alliance for Bakery Students and Trainees (ABST) and was awarded the Hovis Overall Winner prize. I also won second place for the Horton Trophy, the Masters Cup and the British Society of Baking Trophy. I also entered The Hospitality Show’s Salon Culinaire where I was awarded a silver award and ‘best in class’ for my innovative dinner rolls. 

In the future, I’d love to have my own artisan bread bakery, but now I’m working for a large-scale producer like British Bakels I’m also interested in that area, too. I would love to train in Germany one day to learn more about their bakery styles, flour and milling processes, and I have considered teaching bread-making or product development, too. 

UCB has great connections within the bakery industry. It keeps up-to-date on current trends and has fantastic facilities for students. It has everything a student might need for a successful career in the industry.


"UCB gave me countless opportunities to develop my skills and experience."

William Bowen