Dan Clarke

Dan Clarke

“The best part of the Marketing Management course at UCB is definitely the creative modules. They cover a wide range of business aspects and allow you to apply your own business strengths and skills and come up with innovative ideas."

“My favourite module was Creative Communications, an optional module in the second year. The techniques I learned can be directly applied to product launches, brand promotions, travel and food journalism and exhibitions. It takes into consideration the words and images used when communicating messages and how important this is to the overall process."

“In the summer of my second year, I secured an internship with Dow Jones in London, working in the Marketing and Advertising department at The Wall Street Journal. I created presentations for potential clients, did marketing research and helped commission sponsored articles on the latest trends from politics to technology."

“I worked on a product called WSJ Pro, a new subscription service aimed at professionals in specialized industries, which has just been released. It was very interesting and it gave me a great insight into what it takes to start a new product or business within a well-established corporation. I also pitched an idea for a new app to the CEO of Dow Jones, which was a truly incredible opportunity. He was incredibly impressed and I am in contact with them about potentially integrating some of my app’s features into their existing applications."

So, my advice to other students is to secure an internship in an area of business you’re interested in – you learn so much, it’s great for your personal and professional development and it really makes you stand out on your CV.

Dan Clarke