After you Have Applied

Replying to applications

When we receive your application we will notify you through email and our team of Admissions experts will give careful consideration to all the information you have provided including your personal statement and reference.

Standard offers are normally based on academic requirements. If a candidate (for example, a mature candidate) does not have the standard entry requirements then significant and relevant work experience and vocational qualifications, such as NVQs, VRQs and VTCTs, will be considered.

Applicants who apply to transfer to University College Birmingham on to a second year or final year of a course will have their course mapped for entry and the conditions of entry will be stated on UCAS track.

Each application is considered individually and careful consideration is given to all information on your UCAS form, particularly your personal statement, reference and the qualifications you have taken or are in the process of taking. In most cases, a decision to make an offer can be based on this information alone.

Receiving offers

UCAS will email or send official offer letters to you. If your application is successful, there are two types of offers that applicants can receive from University College Birmingham:

  • Conditional - this means we have offered you a place but with conditions attached. Conditional offers are usually made to applicants who are still in education. Once you have met these conditions and provided evidence, your offer will become Unconditional.
  • Unconditional - this means we have offered you a definite place and all academic requirements have been met and we are happy to accept you.

Applicant Days

When we have made you an offer we will also send you details about our Applicant Days. These are designed to provide you with a more in-depth picture of your chosen course, what to expect as a student and how to make the most of your time with UCB in a relaxed and informative environment. 

Replying to offers

Once you have received all your offers, the next step is to consider them and respond. Please be aware you are not eligible to respond until you have received all your offers back.

There are three responses available to you:

  • Firm Choice (1st) - if you hold an unconditional offer, the place is yours. If you hold a conditional offer, the place is yours if you meet all conditions.
  • Insurance Choice (2nd) - picking an insurance choice is important because if you do not meet the conditions of your firm choice, and you do meet the conditions of your insurance choice, then you will have a definite place. Please note: when you get your results, you cannot choose between your firm choice and your insurance choice. Make sure you are happy with which is your firm choice and which is your insurance before you reply.
  • Decline - you have indicated you do not wish to take up this choice.

To make your replies, please log on to UCAS Track.

If you do not receive any offers from your choices or you decide that you no longer wish to accept any them you can use UCAS Extra to make another final choice. 

Receiving Exam Results

The table below details the period in which we will receive results for specific types of qualifications. Once we have confirmation of your results and they meet the conditions set out in your UCAS offer, your conditional offer will become unconditional.

Qualification Confirmation Period Notes
City and Guilds, NVQ, VTCT, VRQ, FdA, HND June/July depending on college, 6th form or university completion Dates The admissions team will require applicants to send/email documentation of student's course completion to (Official document)
A-level, Access to HE 17 August The admissions team will receive these results directly from UCAS
BTEC/CACHE July 30 onwards The admissions team will receive these results directly from UCAS
EU Qualification June-August The admissions team will require applicants to send/email documentation of student's course completion to (Official document)