Part-Time Tuition Fees

Tuition fees for Part-Time Foundation Degrees and BA (Hons) Top-Up courses for the 17/18 academic year will be £4,400. 

Tuition fees for Service Sector Management FdA (Online) for the 17/18 academic year will be £600 per 20 credit module.

Tuition fee loans are available to eligible Home/EU students. A tuition fee loan is a loan that you can take out from Student Finance to pay for your tuition fees. You will start to pay this back once you are earning more than £21,000 a year. This is available to all students who meet specific residency criteria, regardless of household income. However, if you have had previous Higher Education study this may affect your eligibility. If you are eligible, you can get a loan of £4,400 to cover the full amount of your tuition fees in 2017/18.

There is no support for living costs for part-time students. Those on part-time courses are able to combine work and study, and access other government benefits. 

English students can apply for the tuition fee loan online at (EU students will not be able to apply online and must complete a paper based form).

Paper application forms (PTL1 form for UK students and EUPTL1 form for EU students) are available to download from Forms for the 2016/17 academic year will be available from spring 2016.

If you need any help completing the application please call Emily Cooper at University College Birmingham on 0121 232 4180. 

Please note that if your tuition fee loan is not approved by the time your course starts, you will be invoiced for your tuition fee at enrolment.  If you are not taking out a tuition fee loan you can pay in four equal instalments, payable by agreed dates throughout the year as indicated in the table below.

Payment Dates* for part-time Students Whose Courses Begin in the 2016/17 Academic Year

Payment Courses starting September 2016 Courses starting February 2017 Instalment
Payment 1 31 October 2016 31 March 2017 25%
Payment 2 31 January 2017 31 May 2017 25%
Payment 3 31 March 2017 31 October 2017 25%
Payment 4 31 May 2017 31 January 2018 25%

* The payment dates listed are for a full year’s tuition fee/attendance.

What will I be charged if I decide to withdraw during the academic year? 

Please consider carefully whether to enrol on your course.  If you enrol and subsequently withdraw you will be charged fees irrespective of how early in the academic year you withdraw.  Fees will be calculated as follows:

If you withdraw at any time in: Percentage of tuition fee charged
Term 1 25%
Term 2 50%
Term 3 100%