Husnia Amin


MSc Hospitality with Tourism Management  

Studying in the heart of the UK’s second largest city was a thrilling prospect for Husnia, who left her home country of Afghanistan to do her master’s at UCB.

She was also inspired by the range of hands-on, career-orientated modules the MSc at UCB offered, bolstered by the fact that the course is accredited by the University of Birmingham, which she knew would be attractive to employers.

Being an international student, however, she said she also felt a bit daunted. She needn’t have worried. “My entire experience as a master’s student at UCB was so positive, it’s hard to pinpoint what might have been the best thing about it for me. 

“UCB has a multicultural feel and the residential trips and extra activities made it easy to make friends,” said Husnia, who is now putting the skills she learnt at UCB into practice as a food and beverage assistant at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole. 

“I was also pleased at how affordable and secure my accommodation was, as it was quite intimidating coming to live in a foreign city alone. Right from my induction day, my tutors were professional, competent, and incredibly sympathetic and helpful towards any issues I might have had during class activities and assignments.”

“My advice to anyone thinking of taking this course is that the hospitality and tourism industries are full of opportunities, especially for international students, and a qualification like this is a great way of positioning yourself on the career ladder. 


Also be aware that the kind of job you are likely to get after taking this course won’t be your typical nine-to-five. Succeeding in this industry is all about being good with people and going above and beyond to make sure they have a good experience with you and your company. Once you have mastered that, the opportunities are endless.

Husnia Amin