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Marketing Management for Events, Hospitality and Tourism MA

Making the decision to go to university  is without doubt one of the best life experiences imaginable, and whilst you do indeed have a blast being a student, it's not until you leave university life behind you truly appreciate the magnitude of how much university will change your life. I graduated almost three years ago now and I still reflect on my time at UCB and consider it as being the best few years of my life. I took away more than a world class education, I graduated not only with an undergraduate and consequently a postgraduate degree, but I graduated with life-long skills, unbreakable friendships, irrevocable levels of confidence and most importantly a career. 

My career began whilst I was a student. Through UCB I was able to work at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida over the summer breaks. I then submitted an application for the graduate scheme at Disney. After graduation I flew back out to Orlando, where I joined their cruise ships sailing on the Disney Dream,  I was soon promoted to Clearance Officer and many of the challenges I encountered in this role were overcome by using the skills I had gained whilst studying at University College Birmingham.

After completing my graduate program with Disney, I returned home and joined the UK's largest international airline, I'm on a fast track development program aimed to equip me with the right skills and knowledge to progress in to a management role. I'm currently working as cabin crew which I'm loving, I get to fly all over the world and experience some amazing places often for weeks at a time (in fact as I write this I am by the pool of a 5* hotel in Singapore) next month my work will take me to Rio, Cape Town, Chicago, Kenya and South Korea. I'm taken care of incredibly well by the company we are always accommodated in some amazing hotels and our welfare is given priority at all times. Furthermore I'm impressed with their recognition of the importance of education and actively work to promote or fast track those with a university background. 

I chose UCB because it had exactly the courses I wanted and the city centre location is good. During my undergraduate degree I helped the University's marketing team and also had the opportunity to work on a consultancy project with Ikea, giving me excellent experience to use in job interviews.

I now fully appreciate a degree is simply more than a standalone subject that confines one to a single industry, a degree is a life experience that gives you a significant bi lateral advantage in any industry. During your university tenure your way of thinking is challenged and consequently developed, your ability to problem solve is refined, socially you grow and develop a natural level of confidence, the ability to balance organisational objectives with personal needs is enhanced and Life-long skills are instilled in their abundance. 


"I now work for the largest international airline in the UK, and I cannot imagine doing anything else. My job takes me across the world (in fact as I write this I am by the pool of a 5* hotel in Singapore) next month my work will take me to Rio, Cape Town, Chicago, Kenya and South Korea."

Adam Tumelty