Sapana Kori

Sapana Kori

Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools CACHE Level 2 Certificate & Level 3 Diploma

I was educated in Indian and when I was at school my dream was to be a teacher. I have a daughter now and one of my friends told me about the course at UCB. I met the tutor and got on well with her. The hours as a teaching assistant are convenient for me – and the work means I can also help my daughter with her education. 

The tutor is very helpful – she always helps us without hesitation. There is a lot of information available to us and when they assess us they tell us clearly what they expect, so you always know what you are doing. The teaching examples we are given are good and the tutor is always searching to give us more information. 

I also did my Level 2 qualification at UCB and this year, for Level 3, they are providing us with a loan, which is very helpful. We do two days placement at the school each week and some of the students have already got jobs.