UCB College to Undergraduate Progression Fee Waiver

In each academic year:

300 x £1,090 discount off each year of the tuition fees of a full-time undergraduate programme for former full-time FE students of UCB commencing their studies in the 2016/17 academic year Note: does not apply to full year placements for which there is, in any case, no tuition fee.

The discount for 2017/18 will increase to £1,100.

Selection Criteria

UCB funds all of these Progression Fee Waivers. If you have previously successfully completed a full-time FE course with UCB in the 2015/16 academic year then you will be entitled to a £1,090 progression fee waiver for each taught year of your course. This is in addition to the UCB Standard Tuition Fee Waiver you may be entitled to.

Applicants must have home or EU status and have accepted an offer of a place on a full-time taught programme at UCB and the chosen programme must be a Foundation or Bachelors degree.  Applicants must not previously have been enrolled on a full-time, Higher Education, programme at UCB (note: the FE to HE Progression Fee Waiver is not available for students repeating study).

Applications Procedure

No specific application is necessary. UCB will review all undergraduate programme applications and apply the fee waiver to any eligible student.