GET enterprising

The hired@UCB team, working in partnership with other universities, organisations and UCB alumni, provides practical help to allow students to develop entrepreneurial skills and put enterprising ideas into practice. 

We can help you to: 

  • nurture your business ideas
  • build the confidence to take the next steps
  • develop the skills needed to be enterprising 
  • get advice on accessing funding, premises or specialist support
  • find a business mentor to help you

What is enterprise?

We often think of enterprise as an organisation or a company; sometimes we think of a sole trader, but we can also describe enterprise as a form of action, as something we do, a skill or behaviour.

If you were asked to describe an entrepreneur, it’s likely your description will reference Sir Richard Branson or Lord Sugar. Words such as “driven,” “innovative” and “risk-takers” might be used – plus an assumption that they have access to finance and other resources.

Most people don’t think of themselves as enterprising; being an entrepreneur is for someone else. Yet, 4.6 million people (about 15% of the UK workforce) are self-employed; self-employment has generated two-thirds of all new jobs since the 2008 recession.

Additionally, there are more than five million micro companies (with less than 9 people) employing a workforce of 8.3 million. That’s a lot of enterprising people.

It is essential that anyone working for themselves, or in a small business, needs to be resourceful and flexible for their business to stay competitive. 

They need enterprising skills such as: 

  • creativity and innovation
  • confidence and energy
  • decisiveness and (calculated) risk-taking
  • communication and networking skills.

There are successful entrepreneurs in all job sectors, delivering all sorts of services and goods, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, background or the course they studied at university. 

The National Association of College and University Entrepreneurs 

University College Birmingham is an Institutional Member of The National Association of College and University Entrepreneurs, which works with institutions to help develop an enterprising and entrepreneurial generation. It supports the sustainable development of student-led enterprise activities, clubs and societies in colleges and universities across the UK. 

To find out more, visit us in the hired@UCB suite on the 7th floor of Summer Row, or email